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Dark haired white woman in a black sweater sitting among blooming pink roses.


  • My next book, Principles of (E)motion, is now available for preorder! Order anywhere books are sold. Signed and personalized pre-orders available from Bluebird & Co.

  • Launch party for Principles of (E)motion, Tuesday, January 9 2024 in Crozet, Virginia. Details to come!

Cover of Johanna Porter is Not Sorry. Woman in a black dress holding an empty gold frame with the title inside.
"Principles of Emotion" in yellow on a pink background with math symbols. Woman in a blue shirt looking to the side, holding her glasses.

From Johanna Porter Is Not Sorry

     "Before she was even born, my baby Mel found me, bereft of my own mother and robbed of my calling. And right when I thought my creative life was over, I created a perfect masterpiece. She fed through my mouth, breathed through my lungs, and grew, loved and protected, covered in the blanket of my skin. At a time when I was dangerously oriented to what was lost, she tied me to sinewy vitality of life as it is. Tragedies, mistakes and all

     Though I discovered a whole new continent of love, over the years, I also learned to feel small and hemmed in. Trying to be what other people expected a mother should be."

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