#MomsWritersClub is a group of writers who are also moms. We come together to support one another in both of these important aspects of our lives. While most of our members are moms, any and all who are kind and respectful are welcome to join us

Join us on YouTube where we discuss writing AND being a mom--and the intricacies of doing both at once. From writing craft to nap time, we are two moms who hope to help you find your way to feel successful at both.


I'm so excited to partner with Jessica Payne,  my good friend, and founder and host of #momswritersclub on Twitter, to create this YouTube channel.

#momswritersclub meets every other Wednesday night on Twitter for chats, sharing writing and mom advice, and occasionally a critique-partner swap! Follow me and Jess on Twitter. Jess pins the date for the next chat at the top of her profile. #momswritersclub is a diverse, engaged, and welcoming group where you will find support, humor and maybe some new friends.