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I am so excited to share the cover for my debut novel JOHANNA PORTER IS NOT SORRY. So many thanks to @erin.craig.creative and @suzyspellbound for the design and artwork, and for capturing so much of the energy and attitude of Johanna! And of course to my editor Cat Clyne and my agent Laura Bradford for shepherding it all through.

Johanna Porter is a forty-something soccer mom who steals a VERY famous, VERY expensive painting, OF HERSELF from the narcissistic artist who was once her lover. Escaping with it to the Chesapeake Bay, plagued by novice-thief paranoia, impostor syndrome and mom-guilt, Johanna digs deep to reclaim her power, and reclaim the woman she was and the art career she had before said lover ruined her in a fit of masculine pique. Johanna is snarky and vulnerable and a hot mess--but she is NOT sorry.

Bringing a book to the world is a looooong process. Solitary at first, but then it becomes a community effort, until the point it reaches readers and then it's fully part of the world. I am so grateful to be on this wild ride!

It was so interesting watching this cover design go from concept to execution. And even more interesting was the way my own way of seeing it changed. At first I was zeroed in on details. Was the red exactly right? Should she have nail polish? Etc. etc. But then, after a couple of months of letting it sit, then coming back with a chance to make any final requests--I saw it in a whole different light, and I really appreciated the design decisions in a different way. It's a classy shade of red that really pops. And there's no reason Johanna wouldn't paint her nails red and wear earrings to a fancy party! The whole process gave me a new appreciation for cover artists and designers.

Preorder links to B&N and Amazon are at

It literally became available for preorder a few days ago, so I'm still working on how to link folks to a local Charlottesville indie bookstore. But of course, if you're better at this than I am, and you already know how, by all means order LOCAL!

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